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I live outside of the United States, can I purchase the Ryker Grip™ ?

The Ryker Grip™ can be purchased in continental Europe through our European distributor. Visit or email for purchasing information.

Why is the Ryker Grip™ a new shooting method, and not just a new accessory?

Ryker Grip™ changes many ways you interface with your weapon. Targeting, moving while shooting, transitioning from rifle to pistol, and weapon-retention are all improved when a Ryker Grip is installed. The Ryker Grip is an evolution in the way firearms are used.

Will The Ryker Grip™ work on my gun?

Ryker Grip™ works on any long gun that has a side picatinny rail or can be modified to have a side picatinny rail, including both rifles and shotguns. Users with KeyMod™ or MOE rail systems can mount the Ryker Grip through the addition of a picatinny rail section, available at most firearms retailers. 

Does the Ryker Grip™ work for both right and left-handed shooters?

Yes, the Ryker Grip™ is designed to be ambidextrous, and installable for both left and right-handed shooters. 

What is the Ryker Grip™ made out of?

Ryker Grip™ is made from a durable, military-grade polymer. It will withstand severe heat, cold and just about anything else you can throw at it. The Ryker Grip is built to last. 

What is the adoption time required to shoot comfortably with the Ryker Grip™?

It generally takes 30 to 50 rounds to adapt to using the Ryker Grip™. Advanced shooters typically adapt faster and experience larger performance improvements.

Is it legal to put The Ryker Grip™ on an AR pistol?

No. According to the ATF, placing a forward grip on an AR style "Pistol" creates a firearm that is designed to be held by more than one hand and therefore removes the firearm from the statutory definition of "handgun" or "pistol".  Ryker USA recommends that the Ryker Grip only be used on AR style pistols if they are registered as an SBR with the appropriate tax stamp.

Will the Ryker Grip™ get snagged or hung up while I’m moving?

Through extensive testing, including extensive CQC training and actual combat, this has never been an issue. We have found that since the user’s hand is on the grip that it is easy to steer around any snag hazards such as door frames.

Is the Ryker Grip™ safe?

When used as directed, Ryker Grip™ is as safe as any other forward rifle grip. You must ensure that the Ryker Grip is installed as directed so that your entire hand is at least 3” aft of the end of the barrel at all times to prevent injury from muzzle blast. You must also ensure safe firearms handling at all times to prevent injury.

Does Ryker offer training in the Ryker Grip™ shooting method?

Yes. Due to the current high demand for SWAT and Military training, civilian training is only available at special events with select training partners. SWAT, Military and other government entities can email to inquire about training packages.

What is your Return/Warranty policy?

The Ryker Grip is radically different from any other forward grip you may have used. Ryker USA offers a 120 day, no questions asked return policy for consumer purchases through our websites (retail purchases follow the return policies of retail location). We ask that you give yourself a good chance to adapt to the Ryker Grip shooting methodology prior to making up your mind. For most people this means around 50 rounds. If you decide the Ryker Grip isn't right for you, let us know and we'll give you a pre-paid label to send your Ryker Grip back to us and give you a full refund.

We are commmited to quality. If you experience any issues or defects with your grip, contact us at and we'll make it right.

What is your Shipping Policy?

We offer standard and priority shipping options. Rates for all options will be calculated during the checkout process, based on your mailing address. If you need to change anything about your order prior to shipment, please contact

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