Ryker Sling Pre-Order


Pre-Order the all new Ryker Sling at 15% off the retail price of 79.95 and get a free Ryker T-shirt - a 24.95 additional value!!!

***This is a pre-order offer only available for members of the Ryker USA private email list. Offer will be live until midnight July 4th and all orders are anticipated to be filled within 2-3 weeks following offer closing.***

The Ryker Sling is designed to enhance the experience of your Ryker Grip.

  • 2-point attachment with clip and QD mounting options
  • Heavy bungee main body that allows for unique pull and enhanced control of your rifle
  • Thumb loops for quick adjustment
  • Works on rifles and shotguns
  • Adjustable for all body types
  • Hand woven 550 cord wrap on main body that is made in the United States by Veterans 



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